January 8, 2023 John Grochowski

What specifics do you know about medieval clothing?

The social status of the people who wore medieval clothing was reflected in the garments. Wool, linen, and silk were some of the materials used to make clothing. Bright colors were often dyed on celtic medieval dress, and wealthy people often wore expensive clothing.

  • During the middle ages, wool, linen, or silk were typically the materials used to make men’s clothing. Hose, which were long pants that were tied at the waist, and tunics, which were long shirts that reached the knee, were worn by men. Men frequently wore a long, sleeveless surcoat over their tunic.
  • During the middle Ages, wool, linen, or silk were typically the materials used to make women’s clothing. Surcoats were frequently worn over long dresses that reached the floor by women. Additionally, women wore headdresses that were frequently made of silk and embellished with jewels.
  • In the middle Ages, bright colors were frequently dyed on clothing. Colors like red, blue, and green were popular, and the wealthy often wore expensive clothing.
  • Leather was the most common material used to make shoes in the middle ages. Embroidery and jewels were frequently used to embellish shoes.

celtic medieval dress

  • During the middle Ages, belts, hats, and gloves were also popular accessories. Leather and jewels were frequently used to embellish belts. Feathers were commonly used to embellish felt hats. Leather gloves were frequently embellished with embroidery.
  • In the middle Ages, clothes were frequently used to show social status. The wealthy tended to wear clothing made of high-priced materials, while the poor tended to wear clothing made of lower-priced materials.
  • During the period clothing was frequently made to fit the body. Measurements were used by tailors to make sure clothes fit right.
  • During the middle ages, embroidery was frequently used to decorate clothing. Patterns and designs were created on clothing using embroidery.
  • During the middle ages, most celtic medieval dress was made by hand. Clothing was made with thread and needles by tailors and seamstresses.
  • Animal skins were frequently used to make medieval clothing. Coats, cloaks, and other clothing were made from animal skins.


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